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Slender: The lost road.

Another branch in the development of the plot of the Slender. This time, you always have to like to collect all the notes which leave Slender, namely their 7. All the action takes place in a snowy forest, near the road, which is a key object in the game, because the plot hero decided to cut off the path and soon reach his home, but alas, it went wrong, he thought. In the game you are given a standard 2-piece are: map and a flashlight. Alas, in this stage of the game notes do not appear randomly, and have certain spawn points, such as statues, houses, abandoned buildings and so on. The game does not present any conservation, so that after you caught Slender game begins anew. The game was developed with the participation of only one person. Once you have collected all the notes you are greeted by the cut-scene (titles), where indicated, all references to the materials used. Note: The game is not designed for a long passage!

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Published2 years ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tagsnote, notes, road, slender, the-road
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download and unzip the contents to any folder. (Requires software winRAR)


Slender. The lost road.rar (163 MB)