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You have decided to cut off the road to get home as soon as possible, but did not even know what awaits you ahead. Had an accident you have to get out of this strange place, and along the way you'll collect totems that help to quickly escape.

Вы решили срезать дорогу, чтобы поскорее добраться домой, но даже не подозревали, что ждёт вас впереди.

Попав в аварию вам придётся выбираться из этого странного места, а попутно вы будете собирать тотемы, которые помогут поскорее выбраться.

The game is developed by one person - it's me, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Russia. The development of this game, I started 2 years ago and often threw her out of the study. I hope you take this into consideration.

Published Feb 18, 2017
Tags3D, collectible, dummy, FPS, free, Horror, Survival Horror, survive, totems


Dummy.rar 194 MB


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Pretty neat stuff!